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1 set is 4 coasters.
  • Square
  • Round


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Business Coins

3mm Baltic Birch Custom designs

Themes / Categories

  • The Original - US Flag

  • This is the standard US flag. There are 2 variations
  • Standard: with white stars and stripes
  • Rustic: woodgrain in place of white stripes and stars

  • Police / Fire Thin Line Flags

  • Thin Red Line: Black union and stripes with red stripe
  • Thin Blue Line: Black union and stripes with blue stripe
  • Thin [color] Line: Other variations of thin line flag

  • Military Flags

  • Military Flags
  • Split Flags: US Flag / Military

  • Texas Flags

  • Standard: With white star and bar
  • Rustic: With wood grain star and bar
  • Republic of Texas

  • Patriotic Flags

  • Don't Tread on Me
  • Come and Take It
  • US Flag with Pledge of Allegiance
  • Other Patriotic Flags

  • Custom Designs and Engraving

  • Business Logo
  • Custom Engraving added to flags
  • Frames

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