THE FLAG SHACK @ JCs Board Shack

Premium Custom Wood Flags - handmade with pride


Style, Design, and Elegance

The Sizes

We can make the flags 'almost' any size you would need, but the standard sizes (without frames) are:
  • Mini:
  • Standard: 37"(w) x 19.5"(h)
  • Extra Large:

The Wood

We use only 3/4" premium "select pine" boards, which is the best quality pine. I hand sort for the best grains, the flattest and the straightest boards. I don't buy the cheaper stuff in bulk, that is warped or full of knots and worm holes. It doesn't stain well, it doesn't burn as well, and will not look good in your home! It is chaper, and I could make more profit, but I promise if you see them side by side, it is obvious the quality is just not there.

The Style

All my flags are built with the same "style". I router/chamfer the side and end edges of the slats, sand every piece, burn the grains, and stain them mltiple times to get just the right color. I just think the chamfer adds a level of elegance, character, and class to the flag. It just puts your custom flag to the next level.

The Finish

The finish we use is primarily spar urathane or laquer, just depends on the flag application. The sheen is selectable, if desired; Gloss, Semi-gloss, Satin. The frames are made from cedar. All mounting hardware is included, hooks installed and felt pads to protect your walls.

Themes / Categories

  • The Original - US Flag

  • This is the standard US flag. There are 2 variations
  • Standard: with white stars and stripes
  • Rustic: woodgrain in place of white stripes and stars

  • Police / Fire Thin Line Flags

  • Thin Red Line: Black union and stripes with red stripe
  • Thin Blue Line: Black union and stripes with blue stripe
  • Thin [color] Line: Other variations of thin line flag

  • Military Flags

  • Military Flags
  • Split Flags: US Flag / Military

  • Texas Flags

  • Standard: With white star and bar
  • Rustic: With wood grain star and bar
  • Republic of Texas

  • Patriotic Flags

  • Don't Tread on Me
  • Come and Take It
  • US Flag with Pledge of Allegiance
  • Other Patriotic Flags

  • Custom Designs and Engraving

  • Business Logo
  • Custom Engraving added to flags
  • Frames

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